1What is covered in case of an accident?
All our Camper are legally registered and have official Insurance for Rental Purposes! Basic insurance cover for all of our campervans is partially comprehensive and has Liability and Collision coverage with Personal Injury Protection, which means 3rd party claims in case of injury are covered up to 50 Mio.
Damages as a result of incorrect usage, all resulting costs go to the account of the guests (i.e. damaged bumper when parking etc).
If there are damages caused by old age (due to the fact that they´re oldtimer), the costs are covered by Homebound.


1Am I allowed to camp anywhere on the island?
In Tenerife you camp mostly wild! Especially, being on the road with a van and not a big Motorhome won´t cause you any problems with parking and you can reach the best spots easily.
Upon Arrival each of our guests receive a customized map where we mark the best spots to see, bunk and visit. But whats most crucial to us is, that all our guests treat Tenerife with its people and its surroundings respectfully.
2Are there any camp sites in Tenerife?
Campsites in Tenerife are not very common, but there are a handful. Only few of them offer proper sanitary equipment and are well maintained, but we will recommend you the best ones once you have picked up your camper.
Thats why Tenerife is well-known for its ¨wild camping¨.
3Am I allowed to camp in the National Park?
There are a few areas, which require to register on a local homepage before camping there due to safety reasons. This is done online right before you set up your camp and can be done spontaneaous anytime. To facilitate your holidays, we ourselves enroll you, if you decide for an area like that. The registration is free of cost.
At peak of Mount Teide, camping isn´t allowed, but most times tolerated if camper behave quiet, respectful and keep the area tidy.


1How do we book and reserve our Campervan and what happens in case of a cancellation?
To reserve your van officially, we take a reservation deposit of 20% whilst the remaining hire fee is then to be settled via bank account or in cash upon arrival.
In case of a cancellation the hire fee, less the 20% of the reservation fee is refunded.
However, the 20% reservation fee is non-refundable in any case.


1Airport transfer to and from Tenerife South and North?

Tenerife counts with 2 airports. One in the North and the other one in the South.
Generally, Homebound is offering a 24h service for each of them. All guests that land in the South are being picked up by Homebound with their Campervan anytime day and night and also being brought back the day of their departure!

All our guests, who arrive in the North (airport North is around an hour and half drive from the South), there are 2 possibilities. The 1st is the pick-up via Homebound with the Campervan with an additional charge of 80€ (of course 24h service) and the 2nd possibility is, to take the public busline that drives directly between the North to the South.
Arrived in the South, our guests are being picked up with their Campervan right away.
In order to facilitate this progress for our guests, we provide scheduled bus times to make sure all goes swimmingly easy.


1Am I allowed to hop over to other islands?
Taking a ferry for so-called ¨Island-Hopping¨ isn´t a problem. Many ferrys cross over to the other islands a few times a day and at least various times a week!
Homebound is happy to help any guests, who are planning a trip to another island in order to find the right ferry and the correct schedule!
2What happens in case of an accident, whilst traveling another island?
Due to the fact that Homebound isn´t on site the time of the incident, the course of action does vary a bit. The procedure in case of island hopping is being explained when the van is handed over at the beginning of the holiday, and is also found in the T&Cs additionally.

This is important, to guarantee the safety of our guests, as well as avoiding further damages and costs.

3Is it possible to drop off the Campervan on another island, if my flight back is leaving from there?
Unfortunately not. With Homebound you have the responsibility to bring back the Campervan any time, no matter if you´re travelling or you having an accident on another island.
This can also be looked up in our T&Cs!


1Travelling with animals - Can I bring my dog?
Wir Homebound knows how important you four-legged friend is for you and your family, therefore they are allowed to join you on your campervan holiday, and can be added to your travel group for a small extra fee.
However, any costs that arise due to damages on the car caused by animals are charged to the guest´s account. In Tenerife, there are a few nice beaches, which allow dogs, on others they´re not permitted and on others they´re tolerated!
2Weather conditions in Tenerife - Wonder what clothes to bring depending on the season?

First of all, Homebound is providing bedding for each guest, but guests are free to bring their own sleeping bags as well.

The weather here in Tenerife is relatively unpredictable. In the winter there is raining more in the mountains and on Mount Teide you will be able to walk through snow usually around January! On the other side, at the same time you will have a summerly situation down near the coastline offering a temperature between 23-28 Degrees!

In the summer, the mountain areas are warm and humid and temperatures of 40 Degrees are reached near the coastline! Up on top of the mountains it can get very windy, that´s why we recommend to always take an extra jacket with you, whenever you want to walk, bunk and camp in the mountains!