Noche de San Juan

The Insider Guide
20. May 2017
The Summer is here…!!!
24. July 2018
Tenerife is on fire!
In about 2 weeks, on 23rd June the whole island is about to move to the beach for a whole entire night!
Why? The traditional festivity of the summer solstice, called NOCHE SAN JUAN, where thousands of bonfire lights are lightening up all beaches around the island.
That night, small and big bonfires are lightened, people bring food and music in order to dance and celebrate!
Even camping, at any time forbidden, is allowed that night only!
Another tradition is, to write down wishes or vices (you wanna get rid of) on a piece of paper to throw it into the fire so that it may dissolve in the magic of the night.
And don’t you forget to jump over the fire 3 times in order to seal your wish!
Finally, at midnight thousands of people will be racing through the hazy bonfire air right into the sea in order to wash their spirits clean and of course: in order to have fun!
Noche San Juan is one of the most magical and astonishing festivities here on the island!
Anyone, who is out here roaming the island at that time shouldn’t miss out on this spectacular tradition!